Leaver’s guestbook

Were you a pupil (or member of staff) at St Mark’s?  Why not leave us a message telling us how you are getting on or your memories of our school?  Where are you now and what have you been up to?  We’d love to hear from you…


12 Responses to “Leaver’s guestbook”

  1. winson yip Says:

    Hi,Iwould just like to say thank you to all the teachers who have taught me and a big thank you to Mr.Williams.Have a great year teaching your new class and hope you enjoy it.
    I will remember most of the trips and definately remember the school play.
    I will come to visit you sometime.

  2. Steven Barnard Says:

    Hi,i am getting on very well at st Josephs and i hope all my friends and old teachers are getting on as well as i am.I would like to say thank you to all my teachers who use to teach me thank you to Miss Stevens for all her help in maths i ued to be in the bottom maths group and thanks to miss Stevens help i am in the top maths group,and especially to mr Williams for all his help if it wasn’t for you i would hate it but instead i am loving it.
    I will try to come and visit you all some time,


  3. tilly Says:

    Hi, I’ve had a outstanding time at st. Marks and just want to say thanks for making my time there so special, I’ll never forget how amazing my time was and all the fun things we’ve done. Also a big thank you to Mr. Williams for helping me with my confidence and tables in maths, the hard work has really paid off! St. Edmunds has been really fun so far but I still really miss St. Marks! I hope to visit soon and hope you all don’t get snowed in!

  4. Bea Alabaster Says:

    Love you St.Marks!!!

  5. Emily Hitchins Says:

    Hi i had a great time at St. Marks!!!! I miss all my friends but i have got loads at South Wilts. I am getting on really well and am having lots of fun!!!! Don’t think you have got rid of the Hitchins though: my little sister and cousin have started .. good luck with them!!!!
    Miss you St.Marks!!!!!

  6. Emma Says:

    Hi, St Marks was brilliant!!! I really enjoyed the past 4 years i have spent there. Thankyou to all the tecahers i had for making school so fun! i am getting on really well at my new school now with lots of new friends!

    miss you st marks!!

  7. Verity Says:

    Hiya, St Marks!! I am now at St Eddies and i love it! I want to say thankyou to all the teachers who made my time at St Marks absolutly brilliant. Thank you xxx

  8. amy Says:

    i am Amy i have only just transfered to st.Marks , and it is amazing.
    Miss. brant has been my teacher for 5 months now and she is Amazing.
    Mr.williams is Amazing on the panio.
    Miss ibbotson is heelping with the school production and it will be the best ever.
    All my wishes to who ever transfers Amy xxx

  9. Verity Says:

    It’s verity again! Just thought i would give you a quick update on how things have gone since i have left st marks!
    I have been at st edmunds for almost a whole year now, its flown past! Yesterday i saw the st marks year six’s visiting ready for september! It felt like yesterday that i was walking in for my induction day but since then i have become form captain and have participated in sooo much is such a short length of time! Its nice to keep up with st marks via the blog and Mr w. its working brilliantly!
    I am looking forward to seeing all the new year six’s coming to st Eds in september’ and good luck with secondary school to all the other years six’s!
    xxx P.S I heard your year 6 productoin was fantastic well done!

  10. Sophie Says:

    I left st.marks in 2010 and was crying like everyone else.I bought the yearbook and got my jumper signed and we had a disco on friday night.(Not at school.)We all arrived and by the end of the night pretty much everyone was crying!!(Yes i was crying again :’) xx ) So yeahh,Thats pretty much all i can say,Oh yeahh,I hope everyone enjoy’s st.marks as much as we did 🙂 xx

  11. Alex 6B Says:

    I only left yesterday and I’m already missing St. Marks! No one will stop me and Emma comign back at summer fairs so Mr. Williams, you will be seeing us again!

  12. bethan Says:

    I had had a great time at at st.marks and miss it so much. i am having a great time at St.edmunds all the other girls going there willlove it!!!!!!!! hope eveyone is ok and all the year 6’s are enjoying having buddies, i sure did. thanks for making st.marks fantastic.

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