Welcome to the St Mark’s Junior School Blog

I hope this can be a place to share information and ideas for anyone in the St Mark’s Junior School community:  children, parents, teachers, staff, governors and other local community members.  The possibilities for its use are endless…   So get involved and let’s communicate!

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29 Responses to “Welcome to the St Mark’s Junior School Blog”

  1. georgia Says:

    I love this websit so much!

  2. Ellen Says:

    Please can we have a category about the library?

  3. Tom G. Says:

    HI!! Just surfing on the internet and thought Ide drop by. Any way thought ide submit a comment
    I think this is/would be a realy good site if more people went on it. So any one who reads this please get your friends to go on it.

    XXX T.G

    P.S. Including this , there are only 3 COMMENTS THAT I’VE NOTED!!!

  4. Aidan Says:

    Hi just to say good luck to anyone who’s taking the 11+ , some advice is
    use spare time to check because it might turn out you’ve missed a

  5. ANNA Says:

    Hi, PLEASE, if anybody is reading this, write in a comment, the more people on the better

  6. Laura M Says:


    Just wanted to say that Top.Marks is really grateful for the things coming in at the moment but we still need MORE. Send stuff in to the mag. box and also to this site. Bye.

  7. Miranda .d Says:

    Just want to say we could have a happy chart in the school playground to make it a better place for people who do not want to play with playleaders. Maybe it would make our school a better place.Just wondering if people don’t want to play playleader games.

  8. Tom G. Says:


    Its me again. is anyone going to design a community certificate? I wonder what the prize is?

    any, bye!

  9. simon Says:

    Wow the St Marks Blog is looking good!

    Well Done all involved.

  10. Wiltshire ICT Team Says:

    Dear St Marks,

    Just a note from the Wiltshire ICT Team to congratulate you on your excellent blog. It’s great to see so many comments in such a short space of time.

    Best Wishes and a happy Christmas

    Ian, Bob, Vince, Helen, Simon and Myles

  11. Helen Says:

    A great tool, with countless possibilities.
    Many thanks to all involved in this development.
    Happy Christmas to all.

  12. Laura H 3H Says:

    Just having a look around the web site. I think it’s great.

  13. Emily Says:

    how do you get the picture?

  14. GEORGIA Says:


  15. harry Says:

    i am a year7! yay!
    im having fun in my new school it’s great
    are you having fun and i hope the year 6s are having fun too.
    i hope you do all your homework and get it in on time!

    Bye everyone

  16. Rosie Says:

    Hi! I am having a great time at my new school! I am settling in reallly well and I feel really welcome. I hope everyone is having fun in their new classes at St. Mark’s. I would like to say thank you to all the teachers who have taught me especially Mr. Sambrook, Mrs. Pender, Miss Stevens, Mr. Williams and Miss Toms. A extra big thank you to Miss Stevens, Mr.Williams and Mrs. Bale for their lovely letters.

  17. Emma Says:

    Hi everyone osmingtom bay was brilliant! I really want to go there again. My favorite part was the absailing. It was really scary at first but when you got down, you felt really good. The quad bikes were fun but i kept smashing the tyres over!!! On the first evening We had to do first aid and give CPR to a dummy!!! It was kind of freaky. i hope you like my comment and hope you have a good time if you go to ozzie bay!!!

  18. Joe Says:

    this site is cool

  19. serge Says:

    hello this school is good

  20. stephanie Says:

    I love this website and i hope you do to!!!!!!

  21. Emily and Chloe Says:

    St.Marks school website is fun and greet for picking up good ideas and words for school work. People can also express themselves and put what they really think about the events that have been posted and it gives you an update on what the school has been up to.

  22. Steven Barnard Says:

    the school blog is so cool i wish they aded it when i was in year 3 so i could put 4 times as much as i did!!

  23. Alan Says:

    Although i haven’t visited this website for ages because my computer crashed down.This website is much better now

  24. harriet Says:

    Hi just saying I LOVE ST.MARKS. and what time does the lower school libary close?

  25. Jessica Says:

    There is much more letter on this web site and much more people have been on here that is great oh and today at the fair trade cafe i bought a chocolate fondue it was absolutely yummy how ever brought one don’t you think so to? ?

  26. Bryony Says:

    This is the first time I have ever been on the blog and I think it is FAB!!! so many people go on it.

  27. Chak Says:

    School web was really good!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. isaac Says:

    I came 150th in the mini marathon on 16th of may on saturday

  29. tom Says:

    I like the school blog and lodes of people go on it

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