Greetings from Mr Harris in St Lucia

Hi everyone,

just a short message as off to the semi-finals in a couple of hours.

The first match on Monday, England v New Zealand certainly set the stage for the forthcoming games. the noise inside the ground was quite deafening especially as I had TWO steel bands behind me. i was seated opposite the large TV screen with plenty of spare seats around me until the second over when about 600 school children arrived to have a day away from lessons to enjoy the cricket. i was surrounded by very well dressed and extremely polite children ranging from 11 to 14.  They were very chatty and asked me questions about football and Kevin petterson.  I told them how lucky they were to be having such an enjoyable day whilst back in England all 10/11 year olds were having their first SAT’s tests – they sent their best wishes!!!!

 The West Indies v Australia match was full to capacity but after Sammy, the St. Lucian batsman, was out FIRST BALL you could have dropped a pin and heard it hit the concrete!

 The humming birds and finches have been around our bungalow and I even have photos of finches taking cake from off my knees! Will bring them in next week.

Our flight out was delayed by 5 hours – volcanic ash so we are hoping to have more luck flying back on Sunday evening.

Hope you are all in fine form.

Best wishes from St. L

Mr Harris


3 Responses to “Greetings from Mr Harris in St Lucia”

  1. MEGAN W Says:


  2. megan 6b Says:

    cool my dad absouloutly loves cricket!

  3. bailey ex pupil Says:

    good luck with your new year everyone! Your really lucky to be at st marks. Its a great school with great teachers.

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