Significant people – Andy Warhol

In IPC in year 4, we learnt about ‘Significant People’. We mixed art and IPC. and we studied the life and work of  Andy Worhol. I have done some work in the style of Andy Worhol. As well we learnt when he died, 1987. Not many people liked his art especially 100 Cans. I like his art because it is unique and special.

Written by Eve 4D Edited by Bailey 6W


7 Responses to “Significant people – Andy Warhol”

  1. Bailey Says:

    His art is definitly unique. Quite strange. Is he a Dada artist???

  2. Dylan Says:

    we have learned about those artists and we have doing there art work

  3. daniel in 4ah Says:

    it was so fun

  4. Amy Says:

    It sertanly does look interesting. I would love to learn more1

  5. louis Says:

    wow eve good work I really liked doing that work!

  6. megan 6b Says:

    Yes his work is quite dada looking!

  7. serena Says:

    nice peace of art work! 😀

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