Bugs on the blog!

Recently, members of 6W emptied our  bug hotels. These hotels were made in the autumn to provide shelter for all sorts of bugs over the winter.  They were made out of chicken wire wrapped into a cylinder. Then they were filled with leaves after putting sticks through the bottom (to stop the leaves falling out). We put them in St Marks gardening area. A few days ago (In Spring) we emptied the bug hotels. We discovered lots of bugs. The best bug we found was a Centripede. There were lots of woodlice. I have asked some onlookers about the bugs. “It was enjoyable,” said Sam.  “It was intresting to see the different types of bugs.” said Alex To some up, it was great fun.

Details of how to make your own bug hotels and lots of information about bugs can be found on the Bug Life website: www.buglife.org.uk

Post by Bailey


8 Responses to “Bugs on the blog!”

  1. emma Says:

    yes it was great fun and it was amazing to see how many creatures had turned up

  2. Bailey Says:

    It was great fun. I LOVED seeing the centripede

  3. daniel in 4ah Says:

    bugs at schoool thats weird

  4. Amy Says:

    Wow! i never was observant enough to realise they had been emtied! It sounds amazing and it was a realy fun progect!

  5. megan 6b Says:

    It sounded really fun i wish they had done that in 6b!

  6. Alex 6b Says:

    Wow sounds really fun!

  7. Alex 6B Says:

    Mr. Williams, can there be a post for Year 6’s that have left now to post on and say good-bye and see what others think of their new school and our Year 6 teachers could post as well like Miss. Brant!

  8. louis Says:

    wow I really want to do that when im in yr6!!!

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