Woodlands Junior Website

Woodlands Junior is a well layed out, school orientated website. It has a variety of games that can expand your knowledge in all areas, such as maths and english. There is one flaw though. Sometimes you need to do updates so it can run the games which can be annoying. Nevertheless it is a fantastic website for everyone so I would give it 4 stars out of 5 stars. Would you? This is the link: http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/

Post by Bailey


5 Responses to “Woodlands Junior Website”

  1. Bailey Says:

    I reccommend the game on woodlands called throw a banna or gorillas
    heres the link
    It is good fun and you learn about angles at the same time!

  2. Alexander Says:

    I agree, I recently have used this website to help me with my homework. So like Bailey said this is a great website!

  3. georgia Says:

    go on it its a great website to user we use it in maths and school it has good maths games, science,english and even pshe so try it now !!!

  4. Belinda Says:

    I agree that this website is not only fun but also educational. The website has many little games that support the National Curriculum and covers many aspects of maths and literacy. As a parent, I would reccomend this website to help support your childs learning at home.

  5. megan 6b Says:

    I think woodlands is great for in school and out plus it is good for our age!

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