Science Gamess

Read the comments below to find links to some great science games that 6W have enjoyed playing (as well as learning about science!)


26 Responses to “Science Gamess”

  1. georgia Says:

    try this game it shows you how foces in action works!!

  2. david Says:

    thes games are good to laern and good to play

  3. serena Says:

    You have to keep all the bars up to keep your human alive!
    try out this game! 🙂

  4. Bailey Says:
    Is a great game

  5. lewis Says:
    I think this is a great way to learn about friction and i recomend it

  6. Jake Says:

    This game tests your science skills in general

  7. sophie Says:

    This game is all about testing which materials are waterproof, transparent
    , flexible or strong. I would strongly reccomend it to someone who needs
    help on materials homework!!!

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    I think the games are awesome!!! 😀 It has LOADS of infomation about the school. Thank you Mr.W!!!! 😉

  9. emma Says:

    I think this game helps you learn more about the insides of what is really around and among you i would thourally reccomend it.

  10. Harry Says:

    This is a great game and it is a good way to learn about what thing's melt at what temperature.Have a go its great!

  11. gus and billy Says:

    questionaut is a fun and challenging game that improves your genaral knowledge

    (highly recommended)

  12. Megan Says:

    This game helps you learn about the body in a fun way and you can also play in teams up to three. Have a go!
    I hope you enjoy it and try other games at this site.

  13. Joshua Says:

    Questanort is a rily fun game play it and licke it. It’s a science game that
    test your science skills.

  14. Jamie Says:

    This game is great

  15. Amy Says:

    This game,even though it is simple,is fun and a good way to learn what to put in a healthy lunchbox.Give it a try!

    Hope you enjoy it.

  16. alex Says:

    This is a really good game you have to look after a boy called ben and stop him geting lazy and tiried or dehydrated . You have to be quick and if you need to practise living things then i highly reccomened it to every body who reads my comment!!!!!!!

  17. Alexander Says:

    This is agreat game and I love it, I would recomend it to anyone.

  18. alex Says:

    I really like this game and its really fun to practise your teeth with i highly reccomened this fantastic game. You have to match the teeth to the right animal and then press eat and see if you get it right afterwards see if you can find the difference between a lion and a sheep or a human and alion and sheep.

  19. adam Says:

    I think that this game is cool because its hard and you need to do the game more than once to get the idea! 🙂

  20. emma Says:

    this was quite a good game but i do disagree with it as it says that a spider is an insect when actually its an arachnid.

  21. adam Says:

    I also think that the game is realy fun! 🙂

  22. emma Says:

    This game is a really good game, not only do you learn more on the human skeleton it has a range of animal skeletons too. While learning you are also playing a game which is even better!

  23. georgia Says:

    this is a great game to learn how to have a very healthy or suagry lunchbox try it i reccomend it to youu”

  24. Elizabeth Says:

    Try this micro organism game. I highly reccomend.

  25. Elizabeth Says:

    This teaches you about different sorts of rocks and how they behave when damaged and crushed.

  26. megan 6b Says:

    I think that the bbc is definatly the best one for science games even maths and english to.

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