Great games!

Questionaut is a great game. It will test you on a number of subjects, e.g. science maths and literacy. You go from planet to planet in an air balloon. At each planet you have to get five questions right. If you get one wrong, you go down a question. e.g. 4 to 3 questions right.  You can find it and other similar games by clicking here.


10 Responses to “Great games!”

  1. Sam S Says:

    They are really addictive!

  2. Bailey Says:

    A really great game. So fun to play yet you were learning at the same time.

  3. jasmine Says:

    They are funny games that are helpful for you!

  4. jack Says:

    The game is really good.

  5. jack Says:

    I love singing horses so much I could play it all day.

  6. Nathan Says:

    I really like Questionaut because it test skill and knowlage in a fun adventurous game.The questions range in difficulty and can test your knowlage through dfferent level’s and differrent subjucts.

  7. daniel Says:

    this game is so cool any one can play it so com on st marks
    lets play

  8. daniel in 4ah Says:

    hi its me again come on guys lets play

  9. megan 6b Says:

    Ive just tried one and it is REALLY addictive!

  10. Annabell Says:

    I loved the games .Once i started i coudnt stop!!

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