Singing horses!?

Singing Horses is a great game – I would recommend it to anyone that has a sense of humour.  After playing it for a while, I couldn’t get enough of it!  All the sounds are great and it is so funny.  Once a gain I would recommend it to anyone.
is the link
By Alexander


10 Responses to “Singing horses!?”

  1. bailey Says:

    I agree. what a fantastic little silly game. The noises are funny and its fun making ur own miny song. It feels like your a DJ remixing and creating new music. Through horses? Strange and wonderfull must play.

  2. jasmine Says:

    It is such an funny game! And it is silly. you have got to play it,singing houses is for you and me because we are silly people.It will make you ache with laughter!

  3. jack 5L Says:

    It’s so silly but so fun.

  4. Bailey Says:

    I agree

  5. Rebecca 5L Says:

    this game is excellent

  6. Alexander Says:

    I agree with everyone and would recomend it to anyone that has a sense of humour. What a great game!

  7. henry.l Says:

    what a great game it is so funny.You will not find this anywhere else.

  8. megan 6b Says:

    I love silly games so this is why i find it so cool!

  9. louis Says:

    brillant game SO silly I LOVE IT!!!

  10. William.G 3S Says:

    A completely crazy game!

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