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Great games!

March 28, 2010

Questionaut is a great game. It will test you on a number of subjects, e.g. science maths and literacy. You go from planet to planet in an air balloon. At each planet you have to get five questions right. If you get one wrong, you go down a question. e.g. 4 to 3 questions right.  You can find it and other similar games by clicking here.


Book review – Gifted

March 28, 2010

I have been reading a book called Gifted. It was a very interesting book. I couldn’t put it down once I had started. The main character is Amanda Beeson. She rules the school and one day when she wakes up she is Tracy the loser. This is a fantastic book and I would want anyone to read it in upper school. By Chloe 5R

Do you have any book reviews or recommendations?  Let us know.

Singing horses!?

March 24, 2010

Singing Horses is a great game – I would recommend it to anyone that has a sense of humour.  After playing it for a while, I couldn’t get enough of it!  All the sounds are great and it is so funny.  Once a gain I would recommend it to anyone.
is the link
By Alexander

Netball success

March 24, 2010

On the 13 th March, St Marks’ Netball Team went to Pitton.  It was very cold but we came out on top and won 12-0.  In the first quarter, we scored 1 which gave us a 1-0 lead.  In the second quarter, we scored 3-0 which gave us a 4-0 lead. In the third quarter, we scored 4 which gave us a 8-0 lead.  In the last quarter, we scored 4 we giving us the total score of 12-0. Thankyou Mrs Smith

Post by Harry

Fairtrade Fortnight in Year 4

March 4, 2010

All across the school we have been learning about fairtrade. In year 4 we had to try and make as many paper bags in 30 minutes and earn as much money as we could. You could get one rupee for ten bags.
Alice and Eve.