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eSafety meeting

February 24, 2010

Thank you to all parents and children that attended the eSafety meeting in the library.  Children – there will be a prize draw for you in assembly on Thursday or Friday.

Please let us know by commenting below if you found it useful or if you have any further questions.  Do you have any tips to share with other parents about keeping children safe online?

If you could not attend, would another date and time interest you?


There’s a spy in 6I!

February 20, 2010

Recently, Mrs Ibbotson (6I) has instigated a new system called ‘Cool Classrooms’. This is to encourage everyone to keep their classrooms nice and tidy, and to make them as exciting as possible! Here is how it works. At any time of the day, it could be before school, after school, break or lunch, Mrs Ibbotson sneaks into every classroom in the school, equipped with notebook, pen and dark glasses. She then inspects the room , gives it a mark in her spy notebook, and surreptitiously sneaks back to 6I. At every Upper school assembly , she reads out the top three coolest classrooms and the School Council Rep. from the winning class has the privilege to hold up the shiny trophy. This class keeps the trophy in a prominent place in their classroom until the next assembly.
Put up exciting, brightly-coloured displays on the wall,e.g. make posters associated with the topic you are studying, brighten up a dull corner.
Don’t leave things lying on the floor
Don’t leave crumbs on the table after your lunch
Keep your pods/pencil pots tidy

Always keep your Classroom looking Cool! You never know when she might turn up!

Entry by RH

School Vision and Values

February 11, 2010

The School Development Plan (SDP) has four key items. The first item is to do with the school’s vision and values. One way to think of this is ‘As a school where are we going?’ and ‘what values does the school seek to instil in its children?’ The school has been working hard for some time to re-examine these principles and to have a clear sense of purpose. The school set up a ‘Visioning Committee’ to do just this. Firstly, they agreed a motto for the school which was memorable and captures its essence:

 ‘Reaching in, reaching up, reaching out’

The committee then looked at what we felt each element meant. However, the motto can be interpreted in slightly different ways without losing its power or alienating those it serves:

 Reaching in to discover talents, inner strengths and reflect on our beliefs.

 Reaching up towards wisdom with a sense of hope and wonder.

 Reaching out with the hand of friendship, showing compassion and respect to all.

We are working with the children to find out their thoughts and invite all parents to share any insights they have. If you would like to pass on your thoughts the easiest way is probably via email (, a note via the office or a comment on this blog. I can then collate these and report back to the committee. Thank you in anticipation.

The rainforest

February 11, 2010

Year 5 are working on a Rainforest project. They are currently studying this enviroment on the net to make a power point presatation. Year 5 are going on a school trip to The Living Rainforest. This will enable the students to get a better understanding of what this enviroment is like. The rainforest is a very important place in thwe world and yet we are cutting it down.

By Seb