Year 6 trip to Osmington Bay

Last week, Year 6 visited Osmington Bay, near Weymouth for their residential trip.  It was very much a week of two halves in terms of the weather, with the first group enjoying strong winds and heavy rain and the second group having glorious sunshine while they were there.  The children enjoyed a variety of adventurous and educational activities including abseiling, climbing, quad-biking, a sensory trail, first aid, map skills and beach studies.  Thank you to the children, who behaved well and were a pleasure to take and to all of the staff who gave their time to go on the trip.  I will leave it up to the children to comment below on their experiences…

Year 6s – Please add some comments below to explain some of the activities and experiences you had and give your viewpoint on the trip.


38 Responses to “Year 6 trip to Osmington Bay”

  1. Verity Says:

    hello, i really enjoyed the trip and im sure everyone else did to but there were special things that stuck out for me and theese are what they were :
    The absailing was very fun but nervracking at the same time year six will know what i mean!!!The climbing walls were especially fun as you climbed the wall using no eqiupment except harness’ (of course dont try it at home!!!) We also did quidbiking ,first aid ,coastel process ,map skills and wacky racers. i really enjoyed the trip and year five im sure you will have a grea time next year when you go!!!!! So thankyou for rgenising it and thatnkyou to the pgl (osmingron bay )staff for making it sooo fun!

  2. Toby Says:

    Ossy Bay was really cool! The quadbikes were best. It was great zooming around all afternoon! Two thumbs up with a soda on the side!

  3. Matty Says:

    Osmington bay was hot and wet on both days I loved it!!!!

  4. Chloe and Emily Says:

    We went to Osmington bay and we found it Great fun !! The absailing was really scary but we really enjoyed it!! the weather was’nt great but we still enjoyed it, the sencery trail was very muddy are instructer made us crawl through a puddle and we were wet through the skin. Over all we really enjoyed the trip!

  5. chloe and verity Says:

    hi we really enjoyed osmington bay it was really fun. the chalets were ok a bit small but it was nice and cosy when it was cold and really (and i mean really) wet outside!!!. the food was ok it is like what you have at home(most of you) We all had a good time the activities were really fun and enjoyable so we hope the year fives are looking forward to it next yearand we hope they will in joy it as much as we did. if you are scared of the whole experiance once you get going we all bet that you will have a great time!!!

  6. Beth Says:

    I had a good time at Ozzie bay! My faveroite thing was Absailing. You should have seen how muddy we all got after sensry trail! i was coated in mud.We craled throgh tunnles and one BIG puddle! we were dripping with mud and water, well very muddy water! When we were rock climbing ,coming down was secry because it was so rocky and there were ledges wich you could not see the rocks below because it was in the way!!!!
    I think we all had a good time . And most people enjoyed the food it was nice! yr 5 when you go make sure you do EVERY thing because you might not get this chance again,and you will miss out! Hve a good time and do all you can just GO FOR IT AND HAVE FUN !!!!!

  7. james Says:

    hi every one i really enjoyed osmington bay and ill tell u all about it. what we did was absailing first were we go down a big or should i say huge rock. on the absailing i overcome my fears and managed to do it 2 times.
    next we did roxck climbing what was so awsome. i managed the top
    what most of us did (well done!!! all who made it) the next day we went
    and did beach studies and i learnt alot. after lunch what was so great and yummy we went quad biking. the only problem we waited a long time to get are turn but it was worthit. i was sad we had to leave. good luck in a year year 5 hope u enjoy.

  8. Bea Says:

    The abseiling was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life!! I’m really sared of hights anyway, so I’m never doing that again.

  9. jacomb Says:

    osmngton bay was great but the sun light was grey and it rained most of the time. i think the quad bikes were the best and the abseiling.

    Abseiling was scary at the start but when you get use to it, its fun .

    Quad biking i was the fastest in the group(so Alecs tells me).

    Rock climbing was great going up (most of the time cause sometimes you cant find a place to put your foot 😦 and coming down i dont want to say.

  10. Alec Says:

    Osmington Bay was FUN (and the abseiling was easy and not scary at all)

    To all year 5s now I hope you like it there.


  11. charlotte Says:

    i thought osmington bay was really exciting,but it wasn’t how i thought it would be. when you go in , it looks really scruffy, but actually , it s really amazing and funky.
    the chalets are quite small, but they don’t really need to any bigger. there is a bath , and acupboard, 2 bunks, and a sink + a toilet. we had ones near the sea, and you can see the sea every day.
    on the first day, we did abseiling and indoor rock climbing. the abseiling was really scary the first time,but when you knew that you could rely on the ropes , you were fine!
    on the second day we did beach studies and sensory trail and quad biking.i thought the beach studies was going to be really bboring , but it was really fun and intresting.
    it was really stormy that day, and the waves were really rough!
    the sensory trail was really muddy, and you had to climb through tunells full of mud!! my trainers were basically brown afterwards!
    quad biking was probably the best. we had to wear enourmous helmets, gogles and gloves. the track was made out of tyers and it was really bumpy.
    the food was really delicious. we had lots of choice and it was way nicer than what i thought it would be.
    thankyou to every one who came along, and helped, and all of the pgl staff, it was fantastic!!!!!

  12. Shedea Says:

    I agree with verity about the abseiling!!I did it twice!!Thanks to everybody who went and the staff for making Osmington bay so special!!

  13. Charlotte and Emma Says:

    We enjoyed the trip to Ozzie Bay!! The part that we liked the most was absailing it was fun but nervracking!!! The chalets were ok a bit small but we lived. Our group leader was fun(josh).The sensory trial got us a bit muddy(make that VERY muddy.) The food was yum and the line was very organised. Us and our group won the chalets with 103 points!! we won overall out of the girls and boys and very happy that we won. But when the other group got back we were amazed to see how many points they got. The three days went very quickly and just before we left we saw the other half of year six so we said hello.We all came back really tired so we had good night sleep the day we came back. We had a great time at Ozzie Bay!! We hope that you have a good time as well when you come into year 6.

  14. nadine Says:

    i think that osmington bay was great im shoor im not the only person that forgot there key and spent sevaral minits looking for it.i think i was great at quad-biking and climing as i went realy quickly on both activities.

  15. Paige Says:

    I really enjoyed the trip to Osmington Bay because the activities were new to me. The rock wall climbing was my favourite as I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it and yet I climbed to the top of the wall. The absailing was was fun because it was one of my fears but actually… I LOVED IT! It was a bit scary at first when the PGL’s (Activity guides at Osmington Bay) clipped you on to your harness and told you to lean back. The next thing I new, I was walking down the absailing wall. The worst thing I did at Osmington Bay was probably doing a 360 degrees skid on a quad bike! (Not intentional!!!) While we were there we did a sensory trail to see what it felt like to be blind. We all learnt that if one of our senses isn’t as good as our others, then our other senses become stronger. The sensory trail involved being blind folded and crawling through muddy tunnels. IT ISN’T AS BAD AS IT SOUNDS! The first aid was very informative and was great for serious situations. I thoughroughly enjoyed learning about map references in the map skills. The beach studies were brilliant and very enjoyable. While we were at Osmington Bay we stayed in challeys with four of our friends. Thankyou to the St. Marks teachers for taking us to Osmington Bay and thankyou to the PGL’s for looking after us throughout the 3 days.

  16. Olivia Says:

    I loved the trip to Osmington Bay, but the absailing was terrifying!!!!!!!! My favourite part was quad biking even though i was RUBISH!! I crashed on every single corner. The sensory trail was cool, but involved me getting my jeans VERY muddy while crawling through a tunnel, walking into a tree, and banging my head alot. (No-one in front of me mentioned ‘don’t bang your head’ because they didnt. Oh i hate beinge so tall…)

  17. Monaya Says:

    It was very good fun, but I was rubish at absailing I had REALY slippery shoes!!!!!!

  18. andrew Says:


    i am a year three and by reading all your comments ozzie bay sounds great fun and i cant wait till i go

  19. Amber Says:

    Yeah Osmington bay was really good The absailing wall looked tiny but when yuu get up there its massive!!! We won the tidiest shalley award

  20. Milly Says:

    hi, i thought ozzy bay was really cool and wish we could have stayed longer i liked the absailing the most though!

  21. Emma Says:

    I thought osmington bay was great!! My favourite part was the absailing. It was scary at first but when you get half way down it you think what were you scared of.

  22. Courtney Says:

    I thought osminton bay was a brilliant experence it gives you a small taster of what it is like to be away from home.I personly had a good time and it was nice for me to be in a challite with only 2 people at the start at the end we were joined by 1 other person.It is nice to have a challenge things like the rock climbing was difficult for some of the other children in my group they thought it was higher than it looked and unfortunatly they did’nt quite make it to the top of the wall and asked if they could come down.

  23. Jamie Says:

    Osmington was fab!!!! Rock climbing was the best as i got to the top absailing was pretty scary but once you got the hang of it you flew down there Year 5 you have a great oppurtunity so don’t miss out!

  24. Hannah Says:

    I also realy enjoyed Osmington Bay.Now i have been on two PGL camps are as good as each other i think.Omington Bay was harder to find the way around,but you have your group leaders to help you.A PGL staff took me for the nature trail at the other place and took me for sensory trail here.She was also called Hannah and recgnised me.If your aloud to come then do it because it is fantastic.The best activities for me were absailing and rock climbing.I really loved all of it.Go when ever you can as it is a fantastic expirience

  25. Alexandra Says:

    Osmington Bay sounds really fun! I can’t wait until I can go next year!

  26. anna Says:

    hi,I thought ozmington bay was really cool unfortunatley we had the messiest shalley!all the activities were amazing,i love a great challenge.When we did the sensory trail i got all mucky!i had to have a really long bath.(we also had midnight feasts!)

  27. Rebecca Says:

    Ozzy bay was really cool and my highlight of osmington was defferently absailing it was wicked i want to go back after going with the school.

  28. nadine Says:

    it was great

  29. Joe Says:

    OZZY BAY IS GREAT!!! Hope yr 5s enjoy it!!

  30. Tori Says:

    I REALLY enjoyed Ozzy Bay!!! The best part of the trip was when we went absailing, because when you look down from the top you can’t see the ground below you. At first it was scary, because you didn’t know if it was safe and you were going to fall, but the second time I just went down as fast as i could. The chalets had two bunk beds and there were four in a chalet, but my chalet only had three. There were inspections of the chalets every day…my chalet gave the inspector sweets whenever he came in. At the end of the trip Mr.Burt (the inspector) counted all the points up, then all of us sat in a group and Miss.Brant announced the three winning chalets, on the boys side and the girls side. My chalet won for the girls, and in our chalet I had: Me, Amber and Imogen. We won sweets and pencils. The funniest part of the trip was when we went down to the beach down 80 to 90 steps and did a few peices of paper, then we had this competition for whos group could find out something the most. But I won’t tell you what we did otherwise I’d be telling you something you are going to do. Once we had finished that task, if we had time we had a BERM RACE!!! It was SO fun, because you had to go backwords across the beach and everyone kept on falling over , because there were BERMS!!! We went back to our chalets to take of our sandy socks, even though the beach was pebbles. Quad biking was REALLY fun, because you had to put on these items of clothing including: safety goggles, gloves and helmets. When we had a first go round, we had to be on a lead like a dog lead, we had a slow go round first, and then we could go as fast as we could. There was only one bike at a time, and there were different bikes for different weights, Miss.Brant thourght that was very rude, as she was just a bit too heavy for the ones we had, “Just by a bit” She said. We were at Ozzy Bay for only three nights, which was two days.

    If you read this comment, i hope you shall enjoy Ozzy Bay!!!

  31. Emma Says:

    Osmington Bay was good fun, I really enjoyed the rock climbing but it was very high.
    I was scared at first but I managed to get to the top and I am very proud of myself.
    The people in my challet were very suprised when we came 2nd for the tidiest challet.

  32. Hannah Says:

    I agree with everyone else. It was soooooooooooo cool!!!!!
    I got really scared at the start of some activities but when i got into it i wasn’t scared at all. All my classmates were really encouraging too. Thanks also to Miss.Stafford who was good fun!

  33. nicky Says:

    i havent been yet but i think osmington bay sounds so teriffic i cant wait to go i cant wait to meet all the staff their

  34. Alan Says:

    Nether have i. I cant wait until i go it sounds so fun.

  35. lauren Says:

    it was wicked

  36. lauren Says:

    i am nopt in the school but used to go there and i went to ozzy bay last week too it is AMAZING

    if you have a chance to go there do it
    some of the activitys are a once in a lifetime experience !!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Pippa B Says:

    wow! only 2 weeks to go to ozzy bay! i cant wait! after reading all of these other comments, it made me even more exited!!! but my mum will miss me alot. hope everyone that has made a comment loved the trip, and i hope all of you reading will have a great time, also me!!!

  38. Pippa B Says:

    hi have a gr8 time and i hope i will in 2 weeks

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