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Year Sixes involved in Carnegie-Greenaway Book Awards 2009

October 31, 2008

On Wednesday 22nd October, six year six pupils walked to Salisbury library to take part in the voting for the Carnegie Greenaway book awards 2008.  We had to give a fifteen minute presentation on the books which were:
-There’s an ouch in my pouch
-Molly and th night monster
-Wendel’s workshop
-The tear thief
-The odd egg
– Colin and the snoozebox

[For more information on these books, visit    ]

After our presentation, we went into discussion groups with librarians from across Wiltshire.  We talked about the 8 books – many of the librarians kept changing their minds of which one to vote for!
Each person got two votes, and then the bottom two books got knocked off and then we voted again.  We did this until there were two left.

We all had really good fun and it was an amazing experience.  Thank you to Mrs Koziol and Mrs Archer for giving us this opportunity, helping us to think about the books, preparing us for the presentation and taking us on the day.

(Post written by Charlotte)


Make your own puzzles!

October 16, 2008

I found this great website, where you can easily create your own Criss-Cross puzzles.  You need to think of a list of words and some simple clues.  It could be used by teachers or children could make their own on one of their topics at school.  Why not have a go at making a Criss-Cross puzzle about one of your topics and bringing it in for your class mates to solve?!

Year 6 trip to Osmington Bay

October 12, 2008

Last week, Year 6 visited Osmington Bay, near Weymouth for their residential trip.  It was very much a week of two halves in terms of the weather, with the first group enjoying strong winds and heavy rain and the second group having glorious sunshine while they were there.  The children enjoyed a variety of adventurous and educational activities including abseiling, climbing, quad-biking, a sensory trail, first aid, map skills and beach studies.  Thank you to the children, who behaved well and were a pleasure to take and to all of the staff who gave their time to go on the trip.  I will leave it up to the children to comment below on their experiences…

Year 6s – Please add some comments below to explain some of the activities and experiences you had and give your viewpoint on the trip.

Crystal ICT

October 10, 2008

Crystal ICT is an online set of activities that teach a range of ICT skills through exciting and engaging adventures and games.  We now have a licence that allows children to use these activities at school and at home.  To access the activities, visit , click on the red arrow, login, then click on the red arrow again and launch.  Let us know how you do by adding a comment below.