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New leaver’s guestbook

September 30, 2008

Are you a past pupil or member of staff of St Mark’s?  Click on the leaver’s guestbook under the Pages heading on the right to tell us where you are now and how you are getting on.



September 21, 2008

Here is some more great artwork from year six.  This time some pastel work from 6CS, again on a bird theme.  The class looked at some feathers under a microscope and then used pastels to create these superb pictures.

Other classes – ask your teachers to send me some photos of your work so it could appear on the blog as well.

Bird Art

September 15, 2008

Look at these great pictures of birds of prey by 6W!  They were produced as part of our first week back on the theme of migration.  The children experimented with techniques and a range of media to produce a feather effect then enlarged these pictures using an OHP and used their techniques to ‘colour them in’.

Parachute Simulation

September 9, 2008

Have a go at this parachute simulation.  You have to design your parachute for a series of landings in different conditions.

What do you think of this game?  How did you get on?  Post a comment below.