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A suggestion for the newletter…

December 15, 2007

I was thinking that the newsletter that is sent out to us on paper at the moment could be posted on the blog spot. We could get our parents to sign up to get it on line and save paper and reduce the amount that needs to be sent out for those who dont have access to the internet.
This has probaby already been suggested but we are trying reduce waste at home.

Jack 5R


Internet Safety

December 10, 2007



Many parents will be thinking about buying internet and digital technologies as gifts for their children this Christmas.  CEOP (Child exploitation and online protection) are offering a registration facility on the ThinkUKnow website where you will be able to receive regular updates on via email over the New Year.  These updates will include information on new technologies, emerging risks and safety tips to help you keep your children safe online.


December 1, 2007

Imagine that you have discovered a new planet and that you are inviting people to come and live there.  There are many things to decide but you think the first thing to do is make up some simple golden rules for inhabitants.  You reflect on some of the rules on Earth – which work and which don’t.  What suggestions for golden rules do you have? 

Articles for Top Marks still needed – keep them coming!

December 1, 2007

Just wanted to say that Top Marks is really grateful for the things coming in at the moment but we still need MORE. Send items in to the magazine box and also to this site!